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Smoke and Mirrors – in Marijuana Venture Magazine

Smoke and Mirrors – in Marijuana Venture Magazine

Marijuana Venture Magazine


Doobie Nights could be the only cannabis retail store where shoppers might want to toke up before visiting.


Using immersive, cutting-edge technology and thousands of LED lights, the Santa Rosa, California shop envelopes customers in a limitless array of shopping experiences. One day the store could be set in a jungle, the next it’s the Great Barrier Reef or the Red Square Nebula. Rather than settling on a single theme, Doobie Nights owners Damon Crain and Brandon Levine created a blank canvas, then utilized production methods normally reserved for music festivals and theme parks to give customers “start-to-finish entertainment.”


“Retail is dead in our opinion,” Crain says. “I’ve seen what Amazon has done to the world, and I’m here in 2020 opening a retail store, thinking, ‘What am I doing?’ It’s about creating an experience and giving people a reason to come here.” …



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