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The Science of Color in Cannabis

The Science of Color in Cannabis


Colombian Red: This strain doesn’t get its name just from famously inducing bloodshot eyes. While most red strains today are characterized by red pistils – like the Red Congo pictured here – Colombian Red really was dark red in color. Those who smoked this energetic strain were prone to fits of uncontrollable laughter, not unlike some of those over-the-top scenes from Reefer Madness. Colombian Red was one of the first strains to gain an international buzz and one of the earliest strains grown by Americans in the ’70s. When Cheech and Chong first came out, this is the strain that had everybody buzzing. 


Science of Color in Cannabis - red colombian


Orange Velvet: This California sativa paired up with Space Queen F2 to create multiple Cannabis Cup-winner, Jillybean. It plasters ear-to-ear smiles on the faces of its users, and it tastes just the way it smells – like licking orange Dreamsicles in the summer citrus sunshine.


Science of Color in Cannabis - orange velvet


Gold Congo: Gold Congo is a stellar pairing of one of the world’s most loved old-school sativas – Colombian Gold – with the Bay Area version of Red Congolese. Unlike the original African landrace sativa, the Bay’s Red Congo blended Mexican and Afghan influences to create the melting-pot that eventually fathered Gold Congo.

With influences from four continents, it’s not surprising that Gold Congo has such expansive psychoactive appeal. Just one toke and you’ll be ready for the gym. Vape a little more and you could find yourself wrapped in cuddles. Hit it hard and you just may dock at the interdimensional space station of euphoria. And when you float back to Earth, the toasty feelings of ecstasy give way to an indulgently indica coziness that will remind you that all is well.


Science of Color in Cannabis - gold congo


Green Crack: Depending on who you ask, Green Cush, otherwise known as Green Crack, is either an Ohio-bred back-crossing of Skunk #1, or a California strain combining Blue Dream and Space Queen. Originally called Dream Queen, this West Coast strain got the more controversial version of its name from Snoop Dogg, who famously said this sativa hit more like a particular illicit street substance than any weed.


Science of Color in Cannabis - green crack


Blue Dream: All blue-hued cannabis is said to contain genetics from Dutch Passions Blueberry, the original blue strain developed in the 1970s. Its blue hues have since been passed down to other strains like DJ Short’s Blueberry, which was combined with Super Silver Haze to create a legendary strain that has achieved near-epidemic proliferation on the West Coast and beyond: Blue Dream.

Hailing from Santa Cruz, its bluish-purple hue with frosty sparkles makes Blue Dream look like it got blasted to Earth from some intergalactic candy land. In spite of its high sativa content, Blue Dream can easily leave you completely incapacitated. Not in a bad way. It doesn’t cause couch-lock as much as it simply demands your complete attention, like a jealous, but worthy, lover.


Science of Color in Cannabis - blue dream


Blue Dragon: an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts some of the most stunning shades of indigo found anywhere. A cross between Blueberry and Sour Diesel, this California strain packs a heavy punch. But as notable as it is for its one-hit wonder status, its color is even more remarkable. Its luxurious tones of rich, dark purply-blue are reminiscent of azurite, or the farthest reaches of the cosmos, complete with trichomes that are sparkling stars.


Science of Color in Cannabis - blue dragon


Purple Diesel: If you had synesthesia, this is what purple would taste like – deep and fruity, floral and sweet, with a tart finish. This California sativa-leaning hybrid produces a clear-headed cerebral high that can snap you back into focus and reacquaint you with what’s important. As one chronnoisseur put it, “Purple Diesel made me groovy again.” If the West Coast has spoiled you to the point that purple weed is just too blasé, don’t panic – Purple Diesel can be pink, too. Finally, a strain even Hello Kitty can enjoy! It’s also great as a muscle relaxant, so if grandma’s complaining about arthritis or joint pain, be a dear and pack her a bowl, won’t you?


Science of Color in Cannabis - purple diesel


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