Witches and Weed: Ritualistic Cannabis Use Then and Now

Witches and Weed: Ritualistic cannabis use

A magical season is upon us, when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and uncovering its mysteries beckons. From invocation and divination, to séance and shamanism, cannabis has been used in magickal and ritualistic settings for millennia. While much of this knowledge has been lost to the ages, ritualistic cannabis hasn’t gone anywhere. For everything from […]

Top 9 Summer Hikes to Get High with a View in Marin County

Top 9 Summer Hikes to Get High with a View in Marin County

Summer is here! That means it’s time to find some magical environs to enjoy your high in the great outdoors. Marin County, our neighbor to the south, is located just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco and just south of Wine Country. It offers an abundance of natural beauty and picturesque hiking trails, […]

Marijuana Mythbusting: Does Cannabis Affect Everyone the Same Way?

Cannabis affects us all differently!

Have you ever wondered why cannabis is like a dreamy cruise through the cosmos for some, while for others, it’s more like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded? Or why people report drastically different effects, even after hitting the same joint? When it comes to Mary Jane, predictability is about as elusive as a clear plot in […]

There’s More to Your High Than Indica vs Sativa

There's more to your high than sativa vs indica

Looking at a menu at a pot shop can be pretty overwhelming. There’s a dizzying array of cannabis available these days, and with literally hundreds of strains, it can be a challenge to know which ones will offer the experience you’re looking for. Once upon a time, there were really only two kinds of weed: […]

Celebrate 4/20 in Sonoma County

Stoner Stereotypes busted by recent survey

Welcome back to the most wonderful time of the year: 4/20, aka Christmas – or at least Black Friday – for potheads. This year, cannabis enthusiasts in Sonoma County don’t have to go far to find fun ways to celebrate.  The North Bay Area is more than just home to some of the very best […]

Smoking Vs. Edibles: Which Is Right for You?

Smoking Vs. Edibles: Which Is Right for You?

Edibles have long been considered a bit of a wild card. Dosage is a constant struggle between getting too high or feeling nothing at all. Even with regulated cannabis, where ostensibly you’re getting the same dose every time, it’s a challenge to find a consistent effect. This is why edibles have been many cannabis enthusiasts’ […]

The Struggle Is Real: What It’s Really Like to Be a Cannabis Retailer

Doobie Nights grand opening in late 2019.

When California passed Prop. 64, recreational cannabis was expected to become a booming industry, eclipsing even the wildly successful medical industry it replaced. While many operators in the cannabis scene were skeptical of the bill, others dove head-long into what they anticipated would be a new green rush. Countless brands popped up to take advantage […]

Marijuana Myth-busting: Does Cannabis Really Make You Lazy?

Myth: Weed Makes You Lazy

We’ve all seen the stoner flicks that propagate the stereotype that pot makes people lazy. You know the scenes – a few puffs off a blunt, then the camera cuts to a scene of a grungy couch filled with shiftless bros who can barely speak, wearing baggy clothes covered in Doritos. This persists, in part, […]

Chocolate and Strawberry Valentine’s Day Parfait Recipe

make strawberry chocolate parfaits for your valentine

This Valentine’s Day, we at Doobie Nights are making it easy for you to fall in love with the world’s most perfect couple: chocolate + strawberry. Introducing a decadent dessert that won’t interfere with your New Year’s resolutions. Tease your lover – or your lovely self – with this sumptuous V-Day recipe that’s as healthy […]

Debunking the Myths: All Cannabis Growers and Retailers are Rich

Debunking the cannabis myths - a person in a black hoodie holds their hand to their face, with smoke obscuring it.

You’d be forgiven for believing this myth, because back in the early days of California’s green rush, growers and retailers were, quite frankly, ballin’. Pounds were selling for upwards of $6,000, retailers were doubling that, and there was no regulatory framework in place to tax the living daylights out of it. Entire communities relied on […]

Some Tips to Keep Elderly Cannabis Users Out of the ER

The elderly should take precaution when consuming cannabis

We’ve all heard purveyors of fine cannabis warn, “This ain’t your grandpa’s weed.” Well, someone needs to tell that to grandpa.   Elderly Californians might be getting a little overzealous in their return to the world of weed, because a recent study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that the rate […]