About Doobie Dividends

Cannabis Dispensary located in Santa Rosa, CA

For EVERY $1 you spend on product purchases at Doobie Nights, you will earn 1 POINT in Doobie Dividends!

Being part of the Doobie Fam means we care about your experience at Doobie Nights and will do our best to keep you coming back to see us. And so to show you how much your support means to us, we are thrilled to announce Doobie Dividends – our loyalty program. If you have ever made a purchase at Doobie Nights thru our website or by signing up with your phone number in the store and opting in, you may already be enrolled and have a point balance!


Now you can redeem the points you earn from purchases made at Doobie Nights on discounts, merch and other exciting loyalty perks! Here’s how it works…

Benefits of Membership & Reward Levels

Members who share their birthday in their account will receive a super special deal via text to help them celebrate. Everyone who signs will receive occasional text messages about special promotions, discounts and events at Doobie Nights to get the inside scoop right in their pockets!


We’re now also able to reward Doobie Dividends members for referring their friends to shop with us. Once you’re signed up, you can find your custom referral link in your Doobie Dividends wallet. When friends follow your link to sign up and then shop, they’ll get a discount on their first purchase and you’ll get 250 points, equivalent to our first rewards level – a doobie for a penny! The more you spread the love, the more we hook it up.


Here are the Doobie Dividends Rewards. Each time you reach a tier, come into Doobie Nights and make any purchase. You’ll then have the option of cashing in your points on a dollar amount discount on any product, or a % discount off your entire purchase, or sometimes free merchandise at each tier…


But that’s not all! We have added extra incentives to keep visiting Doobie Nights with Member Milestones. Now you can earn points even faster the more you spend with us. You’ll see your next milestone in your wallet so you can see where you’re at any time. Here are the Member Milestones:

Super Silver Haze level: Spend $1000, earn 1.25 points for every $1 spent.

Acapulco Gold level: Spend $3000, earn 1.5 points for every $1 spent.

Platinum OG level: Spend 5000, earn 2 points for every $1 spent – DOUBLE YOUR POINTS!

Join Kind+ for even more benefits!

We’ve recently partnered with Kind+ to offer another level of benefits to our Doobie Dividends members. Kind+ is a subscription service that offers you $15 off your first purchase as a member and 5% off every order with Doobie Nights. 

There is a 30-day free trial period so you can test it out, and after that it’s only $4.99 a month. This is a great way to save for our frequent flyers! Join now and start saving every time you visit. Plus we’ll occasionally have special offers only available to Kind+ members, so keep an eye out!

Tier 1 = 250 points = Lightweight

  • $10 off a product of your choice
  • 5% Discount on your purchase

Tier 2 = 500 points = Social Smoker

  • $15 off a product of your choice
  • 10% Discount on your purchase

Tier 3 = 750 points = Stoner

  • $30 off a product of your choice
  • 15% Discount on your purchase

Tier 4 = 1000 points = Daily Dabber

  • $50 off a product of your choice
  • 20% Discount on your purchase
  • Free Merch: a Doobie Nights hoodie

Tier 5 = 2500 = Chronnoisseur

  • $100 off
  • 25% Discount on your purchase
  • Free Merch: a PuffCo Plus Vape Pen or any product up to $100 value from our Mighty Quinn glass case

Tier 6 = 5000 = Doob Doggie Dogg

  • Get a $200 discount on your purchase
  • OR you can save up your points and get an invite to our annual Customer Appreciation VIP Event (we usually plan these each January and each loyalty program member gets an epic goody bag)