Marijuana Mythbusting: Does Cannabis Affect Everyone the Same Way?

Cannabis affects us all differently!

Have you ever wondered why cannabis is like a dreamy cruise through the cosmos for some, while for others, it’s more like riding a rollercoaster blindfolded? Or why people report drastically different effects, even after hitting the same joint? When it comes to Mary Jane, predictability is about as elusive as a clear plot in […]

Marijuana Myth-busting: Does Cannabis Really Make You Lazy?

Myth: Weed Makes You Lazy

We’ve all seen the stoner flicks that propagate the stereotype that pot makes people lazy. You know the scenes – a few puffs off a blunt, then the camera cuts to a scene of a grungy couch filled with shiftless bros who can barely speak, wearing baggy clothes covered in Doritos. This persists, in part, […]

Why Today’s Sungrown Cannabis is Better Than Ever

With the prevalence of indoor mega-grows and decades of perceived preference for indoor cannabis, it’s easy to forget that plants are most at home outdoors, under the sun and moon, swaying in the breeze, rooted in the soil of Mother Earth.    Once upon a time, just about any American-grown cannabis was indoor. But that’s […]

There’s More to a High than THC

Do you know what’s really getting you high? You can rest assured it’s a lot more than just THC content. THC may draw an outline, but it doesn’t paint the whole picture. Discerning chronnoisseurs already know – THC is just one color in a rainbow of factors at play.    Choosing a strain based solely […]

Cannabis and the California Water Crisis

Cannabis and the California water crisis

As California grapples with historic drought, cannabis cultivation is getting a bad rap. But is our beloved plant really a contributing factor to the state’s water crisis?   First, a little context. California produces more agricultural commodities than any state in the nation. America gets over one-third of its vegetables and two-thirds of its fruits and […]

High on Pride: How the LGBTQ Community Legalized Cannabis For All

As we celebrate Pride month, it is only fitting to take note of the fact that legal cannabis wouldn’t be here if not for the contributions and sacrifices made by the LGBTQ community.   Legal cannabis did not come to us from wealthy stakeholders, compassionate legislators, or even grassroots cannabis activists acting on their own. […]

The Truth About Terpenes

Fruity. Skunky. Diesel. Pine. The presence of terpenes in cannabis is easily recognizable because they create the flavors and smells that distinguish one strain from another. But what are terpenes, exactly, and how do they affect the high?    Terpenes are found throughout the plant kingdom. From lavender and eucalyptus to citrus and hops, if […]

Evolution of Sinsemilla: The Origins of Modern Cannabis

Original Haze flower

If you were born any time after 1990, then you may not know that cannabis used to be a stemmy, seedy shit-show of epic proportions. It regularly looked like someone mowed their lawn and stuffed the clippings in a plastic bag. It wasn’t uncommon to end up with more seeds than actual weed. We were […]

Did Jesus Heal With Cannabis Oil?

Jesus used cannabis

No wonder they thought it was miraculous – the healing oil Jesus and his disciples anointed the sick with very likely contained high concentrations of cannabis.  According to Chris Bennett, author and researcher of the intersection of cannabis and religion, Jesus used a mixture containing “kaneh-bosem” – which in the last few decades has been […]