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Can Cannabis Give Women Better Orgasms?

Can Cannabis Give Women Better Orgasms?

Many studies have shown that people who indulge in cannabis more than once a week also engage in sex more frequently than those who don’t partake at all, and even those who partake only occasionally. But can cannabis actually enhance your ability to achieve orgasm? To the 10-40 per cent of women who report difficulty achieving orgasm, and those who love them, you may rejoice: New research suggests that cannabis should be your new best friend – with benefits. 


A 2019 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who consume cannabis frequently were more than twice as likely to report having “satisfactory orgasms” than those who consume less often – and this was the case whether they lit up right before sex or not. Of the 373 women who participated in the study, 68 per cent responded that engaging in sex after ingesting cannabis was “more pleasurable” than sex without weed. And of that number, more than half said it was always more pleasurable. An “increase in sex drive” was reported by 60 per cent of participants, while 52 per cent experienced an “increase in satisfying orgasms” after lighting up.


And the pre-coitus toke is apparently whetting more than appetites. Of those women who admitted ongoing issues with pain during intercourse, a colossal 83 per cent reported a decrease in pain by “a lot or a moderate amount” when their foreplay began with a kiss from Mary Jane.


But moderation is key. The study suggests that while sexual arousal tends to increase with small amounts of cannabis, higher doses could decrease it.


Cannabis can lubricate intimacy - a couple looks at each other and sits closely on the couch.


While more research is needed, the key to enhancing sexual pleasure with cannabis could lie in the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is fundamental to regulating things like pleasure, pain and relaxation. When cannabis activates this system, it can lead to heightened pleasure, decreased pain, and overall relaxation – all factors that contribute to increased arousal and more enjoyable sex.


This study has its limitations – all the participants were heterosexual Caucasian females – but the door is open to investigating how cannabis can affect arousal across genders and demographics.


Cannabis products designed to enhance intimacy and sexual health are starting to become more available on the market. We carry some exciting topical cannabinoid-infused products from Quim, for instance, as well as mood-lifting tinctures such as Humboldt Apothecary‘s Love Potion No. 7, designed to promote a healthy libido. 

Has cannabis given you or your partner better orgasms? Perform your own experiment and let us know in the comments!

Cannabis for intimacy - infused massage oils and tinctures can help set the mood.

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