Why You Should Buy Your CBD from a Dispensary

These days, you can find CBD products anywhere from gas stations to Whole Foods. But ubiquitous though they may be, they are not all created equal. Indeed, they’re not even all manufactured to be safe to ingest. The FDA does not regulate CBD products, which means there’s no oversight or requirement that the product itself […]

Can Cannabis Make You Beautiful?

We know that cannabis can get you high. We know that cannabis can treat a whole host of ailments. But can cannabis make you beautiful?  While beauty is subjective, clear skin is not, and nascent research suggests various components of cannabis may work wonders for your skin.  Enter the newest darling of edgy skincare products: […]

Can Cannabis Give Women Better Orgasms?

Many studies have shown that people who indulge in cannabis more than once a week also engage in sex more frequently than those who don’t partake at all, and even those who partake only occasionally. But can cannabis actually enhance your ability to achieve orgasm? To the 10-40 per cent of women who report difficulty […]

Dazzle Your Valentine With Sweet & Spicy CBD Mocktails (Recipe)

CBD Apple Spice Mules

Whether you’re staying in for a cozy night with your sweetie or hosting more of a Single’s Awareness Anti-Valentine party, Doobie Nights is here to help you be the hostess with the mostest cannabis-infused festive drinks. First up is a sweet and spicy CBD mocktail. With infused mocktails, you and your guests can get loose […]