Psychedelia Issue Article in California Leaf Magazine

We couldn’t think of a more perfect issue to be featured in than California Leaf’s Psychedelia Issue, March 2021 – appearing near the centerfold with stunning photos by Mike Rosati is a fun glimpse thru the portal and into the store written by Tom Bowers. Doobie Nights pairs its extreme visual displays with music pumping […]

‘Open a Portal into the Imagination’ – Article in MG Magazine

Doobie Nights is honored to appear in cannabis industry magazine mg recently. Read an excerpt of the article below, and be sure to check out the article and photos on the mg magazine website as well. Doobie Nights co-founder and general manager Damon Crain knew he would have to set a high bar to impress […]

Dazed and Gratified – in Sensi Magazine

Sensi Magazine - North Bay March 2020

Plan a visit to the interactive cannabis experience known as Doobie Nights. Are you old enough to remember sneaking off for a few surreptitious tokes and then trying to mask your doobie breath from mom and dad? We’ve come 180 degrees since then, and to help us celebrate our freedom in style, a conceptually innovative […]

Smoke and Mirrors – in Marijuana Venture Magazine

Doobie Nights could be the only cannabis retail store where shoppers might want to toke up before visiting. Using immersive, cutting-edge technology and thousands of LED lights, the Santa Rosa, California shop envelopes customers in a limitless array of shopping experiences. One day the store could be set in a jungle, the next it’s the Great Barrier […]

Doobie Nights on Canna Help You Radio Show

Host Michelle Marques and Joe Sullivan, Leading Expert and Product Manager at Mercy Wellness talk with Damon Crain, Co-Owner and General Manager of Doobie Nights and Donnie Penales, Creative Director of Doobie Nights. Doobie Nights is an immersive cannabis dispensary located at 3011 Santa Rosa Avenue, Ste A in Santa Rosa. The dispensary features incredible technology including […]

A Cannabis Space & Time Odyssey – in The North Bay Bohemian

I have seen the future, and it works. Not only that—it’s fun. Doobie Nights is the brainchild of Damon Crain, a long-time cannabis cultivator who lost his crop to the 2017 Tubbs fire, and his partner, Brandon Levine, of Mercy Wellness in Cotati.   READ MORE