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Collaboration is Key: Building the Future of Our Industry Together

Collaboration is Key: Building the Future of Our Industry Together

By Donald Monday


In a world that often celebrates competition and rivalry, it’s essential to remember that unity and collaboration can be the driving force behind industry progress. Instead of viewing other dispensaries as competitors, we at Doobie Nights embrace the idea that working together as a community can propel our industry into its next exciting chapter. 


As industries evolve and adapt to changing landscapes, the power of collaboration becomes increasingly evident. Especially as small locally owned businesses facing a lack of resources, we are much stronger when we work together. Here are a few reasons why we prioritize working together:


  • Shared Knowledge and Expertise: When we collaborate, we pool our collective knowledge and expertise. This exchange of ideas can lead to innovative solutions that none of us could achieve individually. By tapping into the diverse perspectives within our community, we can find new ways to tackle challenges and push boundaries. We are a scrappy bunch, and we should build on each other’s strengths and experience!
  • Strength in Numbers: A united community is a powerful one. Together, we can advocate for change, lobby for industry improvements, and have a more significant impact on policy decisions. This collective strength can help us navigate industry shifts and ensure that our voices are heard.
  • Fostering Innovation: Collaboration often sparks creativity and innovation. When we work with others who bring different experiences and viewpoints to the table, we’re more likely to come up with groundbreaking ideas and technologies. These innovations can lead our industry into uncharted territory, setting the standard for the future.
  • Building Trust and Relationships: Working collaboratively strengthens the bonds within our community. Trust and strong relationships are the foundation of any successful industry. When we prioritize collaboration, we foster a culture of mutual support, respect, and camaraderie.
  • Staying Resilient: The challenges and disruptions in our industry are inevitable. However, a collaborative community is more resilient. When we face adversity together, we can adapt more effectively, learn from one another, and emerge stronger on the other side.


Hard hats on & we're ready to build! (Doobie team doing Highway cleanup)


In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, the future of our industry depends on our ability to work together. Let’s shift our perspective from competition to collaboration. Together, we can build a brighter, more innovative future for our industry, leading the way as we step into the next chapter. It’s time to unite, share our knowledge, and embark on this journey together.


What does working together look like? Working with advocates for our plant like California NORML and supporting their efforts to enact change at the state and national levels can help us stay informed and involved. There are several other cannabis industry associations to participate in, including at the local level. We recommend joining the Sonoma County Cannabis Alliance – they have monthly mixers where we can connect with the community, learn about local brands, policy changes and local news that impacts our industry, and network. And we can reach out to our “competitors” and find ways to work together and encourage everyone’s success.


Stoners tend to flock together for good reason, and the amazing community behind cannabis especially here in Northern California has deep roots and open arms. Let’s embrace collaboration and community and remember that we’re better together!


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