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The Roots We Forget: Protecting Mom & Pop Cannabis from Big Greed

The Roots We Forget: Protecting Mom & Pop Cannabis from Big Greed

The Sonoma County cannabis scene boasts vibrant green fields, passionate farmers, and an industry born from a grassroots dream. But lurking beneath the sun-kissed leaves, a shadow emerges: greedy and dishonest leaders and corporations like those we’ve seen videos of leaked online are threatening the very foundation of our community. We, the consumers, the activists, the growers – we cannot stand idly by. Mom and pop farms are the roots of our industry. They were the pioneers, weathering legal storms, risking everything to cultivate a future fueled by passion, not profit. They nurtured unique strains, embraced sustainable practices, and built relationships with their customers – relationships based on trust, quality, and shared values.


Corporate Cannabis can be a threat to legacy cannabis, if we don't support and protect small farms and businesses.


These large companies, on the other hand, represents the antithesis of these values. Their large-scale, profit-driven approach disregards the very essence of what makes not only Sonoma County but the whole cannabis industry special. They exploit farmers, And they threaten the diversity of our market, squeezing out the small farms that define our unique identity. This isn’t just about Sonoma County. It’s a stark example of a national trend: Big Greed attempting to swallow the soul of mom & pop cannabis. We cannot let this happen. Here’s what we can do:


  • Support Mom & Pop: Choose local, independent farms. Spread the word about their unique offerings and commitment to quality. Become a regular, build relationships, and invest in the people who built this industry.
  • Educate Yourself: Understand the difference between corporate cannabis and the values-driven approach of small farms. Research, ask questions, and make informed choices.
  • Raise Your Voice: Speak out against exploitative practices. Contact these big companies and express your concerns. Write to local officials and demand policies that protect small businesses.
  • Join the Movement: Find or create organizations that advocate for ethical and sustainable cannabis practices. Collectively, we can make a difference.


Sonoma County, and the entire cannabis industry, thrives on the diversity and dedication of its small farms. Let’s remember our roots, stand up for what’s right, and ensure that greed doesn’t choke the life out of the very thing that makes cannabis special. Together, we can protect the Mom & Pop spirit and cultivate a future where quality, sustainability, and community values reign supreme.


Remember, the power lies with us, the consumers, the advocates, the heart of the cannabis community. Let’s use it wisely.


#SupportLocal #ProtectOurRoots #StopTheGreed

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