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5 Easy Ways to Become a Cannabis Activist

5 Easy Ways to Become a Cannabis Activist

Despite the gains that have been made in recent years around cannabis legalization, the movement needs activists as much as ever it has. Even with Covid still in full force, there are several ways to stand for the cause that don’t entail being in crowds of people. In fact, you can be a cannabis activist without even leaving the couch your favorite indica has you melting into. Here are five simple ways you can get involved right now. 


Post on social media. With so much incorrect information about cannabis still in the world, social media is the ideal place to counter misinformation with truth. Did someone post some nonsense about cannabis being addictive? Respectfully offer that pot is less addictive than sugar and coffee. Did someone link cannabis use with crime? Remind them that violent crime has gone down in states where cannabis is legal. Just be sure to always post a link to your sources, so the knowledge you drop won’t be easily dismissed.


Letters to the editor. Your local newspaper is a fantastic place to share some truths about cannabis, especially since most people who read newspapers are in a demographic that tends to have more political sway. Simply write a letter explaining the benefits of cannabis and encourage readers to find out more. There’s no need to cite your sources since it’s an opinion piece, but do be sure to check the submission guidelines before you start writing.


attending a protest is just one way to become a cannabis activist


Call or email your lawmakers. Although it may seem like legislators work for corporations and not citizens, when enough people speak up, lawmakers tend to listen. Compose a short, respectful email telling your representative how you feel about cannabis laws in your town and let your voice be heard.


Donate – especially to organizations that help people directly impacted by the drug war, like The Last Prisoner Project. The LPP is devoted to freeing people imprisoned for pot, expunging their records to rid them of the stigma of conviction and helping them reintegrate into society through targeted reentry programs.  


Show up! This may not be advisable in the midst of a deadly pandemic, but when it’s safe to come together en masse again, turning out to cannabis rallies is one of the most visible way to be a cannabis activist. The annual Global Marijuana March (aka, the Million Marijuana March) is perhaps the best known pro-pot protest, and the more people who show up, the more the media is compelled to cover it, spreading the cause far and wide. 


But you don’t have to wait for a rally – you can start your own! Gather with other local cannabis activists and take to the streets. Not only will you create visibility, but you will inspire onlookers to join the cause – especially if it looks like you’re having fun!


There are so many ways to turn your love of cannabis into activism. It really doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you do something. 

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