Can Cannabis Treat Seasonal Depression?

Winter is upon us. The sun rises and sets during the hours many people are stuck in their office. Whatever semblance of a pandemic social life we had all but disappears because it’s freezing, it rains a lot and omicron. And for a lot of us, this time of year marks the onset of one […]

Cannabis and Anxiety: Coping With the Pandemic One Year Later

One year into the Covid-19 pandemic, cannabis is proving itself to be indispensable to consumers coping with the stress of lockdowns and a global economic downturn. A recent study indicates that prescriptions to combat anxiety, depression and insomnia have increased since the pandemic began. Now, according to a new study from the Journal of Addictive […]

Can Cannabis Give Women Better Orgasms?

Many studies have shown that people who indulge in cannabis more than once a week also engage in sex more frequently than those who don’t partake at all, and even those who partake only occasionally. But can cannabis actually enhance your ability to achieve orgasm? To the 10-40 per cent of women who report difficulty […]