Welcome 2021 with January Doobie Deals

Welcome 2021 with January Doobie Deals

Happy New Year, Doobie Fam! What a roller coaster 2020 was! Our first year in existence was full of so many twists and turns, and we’re glad you’re all along for the ride. We are grateful for all the lessons that this tough year has brought us. We have become stronger, more resilient and more badass thanks to everything 2020 has thrown our way, but we’re definitely looking forward to some things mellowing out and beginning to feel a bit more “normal.”


To help you start off your 2021 on the right foot, we’ve rounded up some awesome Doobie Deals spanning all kinds of product categories so you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Be sure to check out our Calendar for daily demos and deals as well, there’s always lots of ways to save on your favorite brands and reasons to check out products that might be new to you! We’re open for curbside pickup only at the moment, so be sure to place your order online to speed up that process, however keep in mind that many of these deals won’t appear until our budtenders ring you up curbside.


Flower: Ember Valley

Ember Valley, a recent addition to our menu, is craft cannabis at scale. Whether it’s the novice consumer simply looking for a good time or the discerning connoisseur looking for the very best strains money can buy, their highly specialized indoor growing process provides both. Their mission is to elevate the cannabis experience and their unique strains are cultivated with craft by legacy growers, each one designed purposefully for a refined high. Ember Valley respects the magical power of cannabis and are passionate about providing Californians easy access to our superior products. You’ll get a chance to sample both their flower and live resin sugar products with this month’s amazing deal…


(Sorry, we’re sold out of this deal!) Doobie Deal: Buy any Ember Valley eighth of flower and get a Ember Valley Orange Peels Live Resin Sugar for a penny!


Highrize Special is Sold Out

(Sorry, we’re sold out of this deal!) Pre-Roll: Highrize


Todd, founder of Highrize and avid outdoorsman, wanted to create a grab-and-go cannabis brand that fit with how he uses one of earth’s oldest medicines, to enhance his connection with nature and his surroundings. Thus, he created Highrize and began the process of crafting the perfect pre-roll. He created Highrize minis for a quick smoke and developed a custom pocket-sized package, eco-friendly and resilient enough to withstand his active lifestyle. He calls them “friend-makers” having met many fellow Californian naturists by handing out one of his mini pre-rolls. The minis are also a perfect size for socially distanced smoke sessions where everyone has their own doobie so you can share vibes without sharing germs. Get yourself some “friend-makers” and try some new flavors with this awesome deal from Highrize.


Doobie Deal: Buy any Highrize product and get a Highrize .7g Green Lantern Pre-Roll for $1.00


Bloom Vape

Vape: Bloom


Rooted in the industry for over a decade, BLOOM loves nothing more than classic cannabis strains. But, constantly being on the move and living life, convenient products are essential to celebrate the small wins, uplift and reclaim the day. BLOOM is an experience delivered in the most tasteful & practical way. We have a delightful selection of their flavors in Dart Pods, and a great special to get you started.


Doobie Deal: Buy any Bloom Dart Pod and get a Bloom Dart Battery for a penny


Cannuary Deals

Beverages: Cann(uary)


The new year is a great time to start healthy habits, set resolutions, and try new things. Which is why we’re excited about Cannuary – an alternative to “Dry January” that encourages healthier habits without depriving yourself. All you have to do is replace alcoholic beverages with delicious cannabis-infused alternatives from Cann. We’ve got some big savings when you stock up on Cann to help you set yourself up for success this month. Cheers!


Doobie Deal 25% off all Cann products


Emerald Sky Deals

Edibles: Emerald Sky

Emerald Sky has assembled a team of dedicated and passionate professionals working together to bring to you world-class confections, infused with world-class Cannabis. Their candy manufacturing team has over a century of experience making sweets, with our origins dating back to 1902. Their products have no artificial ingredients and are infused with cannabis sourced from growers in the Emerald Triangle.


Doobie Deal: Buy any Emerald Sky product and get a Meyer Lemon hard fruit drop for a penny


Phinest Cannabis

Concentrates: Phinest


Phinest Cannabis was founded with a clear goal in mind: to build upon principles of science to create the finest cannabis on the market. To achieve that goal, they use cutting edge science and superior genetics to grow from Tissue Culture Micro-Propagation, allowing them to consistently produce a diverse portfolio of exotic strains that are always contaminant-free. Phinest is about finding the right balance between tradition and innovation to deliver an experience you deserve. When only the finest will do.


Doobie Deal: All Phinest extracts are Buy 1, Get 1 50% off


Papa & Barkley topicals special

Topicals: Papa & Barkley


Papa & Barkley‘s Releaf line was inspired by a son’s mission to ease his elderly father’s immobilizing back pain, a condition that forced the family to place “Papa” in hospice. The original balm formulated in their founder’s kitchen eased his father’s pain and, in conjunction with other therapies, got Papa off hospice and able to return home. The Company is named after Papa and the family’s loyal pit bull, Barkley, symbolizing the unconditional love and support that they hope to capture in the products that they make today. Sample any of the variety of topical products available in several ratios and you’ll get a chance to try their classic Releaf Balm!


Doobie Deal: Buy any Papa & Barkley product and get a 5ml 1:3 THC Releaf Balm for a penny


We look forward to seeing more and more of you in the coming year! Check out our online menu and order for safe and convenient curbside pickup, and we’ll see you soon.



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