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September Doobie Deals

September is a season of shift in NorCal, and this year it’s off to a wild start, which feels oddly appropriate for the year we’ve had so far! We hope you’re staying cool, healthy, and safe with the smoky skies and constant worry caused by another rough fire season. Get your go bags packed, keep […]

Can Cannabis Give Women Better Orgasms?

Many studies have shown that people who indulge in cannabis more than once a week also engage in sex more frequently than those who don’t partake at all, and even those who partake only occasionally. But can cannabis actually enhance your ability to achieve orgasm? To the 10-40 per cent of women who report difficulty […]

August Doobie Deals

It’s August already?! How did that happen? Time to make the most of long summer days and warm evenings and get outdoors somewhere you can socially distance. Thankfully, nature is not cancelled! Be sure to stop by Doobie Nights on the way and stock up for your adventures. We still offer curbside pickup, or you […]

‘Open a Portal into the Imagination’ – Article in MG Magazine

Doobie Nights is honored to appear in cannabis industry magazine mg recently. Read an excerpt of the article below, and be sure to check out the article and photos on the mg magazine website as well. Doobie Nights co-founder and general manager Damon Crain knew he would have to set a high bar to impress […]

Midsummer Doobie Deals

We hope that you and yours are making the most of an unusually uneventful summer and getting a chance to enjoy some social distancing in the great outdoors. Sonoma County is full of beautiful vistas, trails, beaches and spots to enjoy nature. Get it! But first, swing by Doobie Nights for quick in-store or curbside […]

7/10 Deals to Heat Up Your Summer

This 7/10 Weekend, we’ve got some delicious deals on all things dabs! And now you can experience the magic of Doobie Nights again since we have re-opened the store to customers. First off, we’re offering 10% Off ALL Concentrates on Friday, 7/10! So come in Friday to stock up on dabs for an elevated weekend. […]

Welcome Back! Re-Opening Guidelines

Who’s excited to be able to step thru the Portal of Wonder and experience the unique immersive environment of Doobie Nights again? It’s been a long few months, and we are finally ready to cautiously re-open our doors to customers. Our top priority is the safety of our Doobie Fam, so we have implemented lots […]

Next Level Vape Tech from Dime Industries – Don’t Miss This Deal

Since Shelter in Place orders began, Doobie Nights has almost doubled our inventory. We’ve added tons of exciting new brands and products, with even more on the way. We’re so excited to be able to open our doors to customers again soon so you can all see how full and colorful the shelves are! One […]

Doobie Deals in June

Summer is heating up and hopefully we’ll all soon be emerging from our quarantine cocoons. Whether you’re protesting for #BlackLivesMatter or gearing up for a backyard BBQ, you might need a little something to help you chill in this heat. We’ve got a bunch of special Doobie Deals ready for you this month – these […]

Shelter in Space with Blueprints Entertainment to be Hosted at Doobie Nights

2020 has been an overwhelming year, but now it’s more important than ever to come together and support each other in our local community, in solidarity with humanity across the globe. Before Shelter in Place orders were issued in California, we had begun hosting weekly 4:20 Happy Hours each Friday, but with social distancing in […]

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