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Midsummer Doobie Deals

Midsummer Doobie Deals

Midsummer Doobie Deals

We hope that you and yours are making the most of an unusually uneventful summer and getting a chance to enjoy some social distancing in the great outdoors. Sonoma County is full of beautiful vistas, trails, beaches and spots to enjoy nature. Get it!

But first, swing by Doobie Nights for quick in-store or curbside pickup and grab one of these special deals we have running in July, or while supplies last…

Care By Design

Have you tried the new CBD gummies from Care By Design? They feature CBD-rich cannabis in an enjoyable and edible gummy form with beneficial ratio blends of CBD and THC. Slow release, long-lasting effects in delicious all-natural fruit flavors. Even better, these gummies are vegan and gluten free. Available in 3 CBD to THC ratios – 1:14:1, and 18:1

Care By Design’s formulations are also available in soft gels and vape cartridges, and we have special deals available on all of the above this month, as well as some other CannaCraft products. Time to stock up on your favorites!

July Doobie Deal 1: 10% off all Care By Design Gummies.

July Doobie Deal 2: 20% off all ABX / Care By Design Gel Caps and Vape Carts (includes ABX Soft Gels, Full Spectrum 1g and .5g carts, Loud and Clear 1g and .5g carts. and Care By Design .5g carts)

July Doobie Deal 3: Buy 2 Care by Design Cartridges, get 40% off.

Kanha Nano/Nano5

Double up on fast-acting nano effects with this deal on Nano5 Sublinguals and Kanha Nano Gummies, both from Sunderstorm. Nano5 pioneers cannabis nanomolecular technology, combining the best of nature and science to create a nanomolecular delivery technology that improves the absorption time and other challenges associated with oral products. With a liposomal delivery system, this technology carries THC and CBD directly into the bloodstream, by wrapping cannabinoids in a NANO capsule of fatty lipids. These liposomes cross the blood-brain barrier that deposits the THC and CBD in special receptors in the brain and throughout the body, all of which has led us to reliable dosing, immediate effect, better absorption, and a predictable experience.

Kanha Nano Gummies are the first fast-acting gummy! Utilizing nanomolecular technology to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate. Average onset is around 15 minutes! These popular gummies are available in a variety of flavors, with a few that are hard hitting or vegan. You can get any of them for a penny when you also purchase a Nano5 sublingual tincture!

July Doobie Deal: Buy ANY Nano5 Tincture, Get a Kanha Nano Gummy for a penny.

Sessions OG Rush Sauce and Slurricane Flower

Sessions OG Rush Sauce + Slurricane Flower

Sessions Supply Co was created with the founding belief that cannabis can fuel the creative, stimulate the social and connect people to build a more positive, vibrant culture for the world. Sessions products will elevate your day, expand minds and spark connection. Now you can enjoy two of our most popular Sessions products for a killer deal, but be careful, they both pack a powerful Indica punch! With their powers combined, your sessions may be confined to the couch.

July Doobie Deal: Buy a gram of OG Rush Sauce and get a Slurricane 1/8 for $15.

Lowell Live Rosin

Lowell Live Rosin & Bubble Hash

We still have some leftover Lowell Farms goodies from 7/10 — so this deal is still available while supplies last! Lowell Farms‘s Full-Melt Hash is made using only the highest quality hash, preserving all of the natural trichotomes, rich flavors, and plant resins of the diverse cannabis plant. Raw, single-sourced, unprocessed and high quality, the flavor is unparalleled. Lowell Live Rosin is extracted from the first press of our Full-Melt Hash and is in monoterpenes, offering a more potent and dynamic experience.

July Doobie Deal: When you buy a gram of any of the Lowell Bubble Hash or Live Rosin products on our menu, you can get a Blue Dream pre-roll for $1!

No matter what sort of summer adventures or staycation you’re preparing for, surely there’s something on our shelves that can help elevate your experience to new heights! Check our online store or swing by and see us for rotating specials, demos and deals.

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