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7/10 Deals to Heat Up Your Summer

7/10 Deals to Heat Up Your Summer

7/10 Deals to Heat Up Your Summer

This 7/10 Weekend, we’ve got some delicious deals on all things dabs! And now you can experience the magic of Doobie Nights again since we have re-opened the store to customers. First off, we’re offering 10% Off ALL Concentrates on Friday, 7/10! So come in Friday to stock up on dabs for an elevated weekend. Plus we have lots more specials in store throughout the weekend, while supplies last…

Lowell Live Rosin

Lowell Live Rosin & Bubble Hash

Lowell Farms‘s Full-Melt Hash is made using only our highest quality hash, preserving all of the natural trichotomes, rich flavors, and plant resins of the diverse cannabis plant. Raw, single-sourced, unprocessed and high quality, the flavor is unparalleled. Lowell Live Rosin is extracted from the first press of our Full-Melt Hash and is in monoterpenes, offering a more potent and dynamic experience. Our artisans select only the highest quality strains for conversion into our rosin products.

Sample their delicious concentrate products and you can get a bonus pre-roll while supplies last this weekend! When you buy a gram of any of the Lowell Bubble Hash or Live Rosin products on our menu, you can get a Blue Dream pre-roll for $1!

Jetty Extracts Deals for Days

Our friends at Jetty Extracts have some great news for those who like their clouds discreet, convenient, and clean. Their products are crafted in Oakland from select, sun-grown cannabis with all-natural cannabis terpenes. Potency, purity, and flavor are their priorities.  Jetty believes that cannabis elevates our experiences. Cannabis is good times enhanced…hanging with friends, enjoying an active, creative and healthy lifestyle. It also means caring and relief in so many ways, and giving back as much as we can.

While we have had Jetty on our menu from day one, we are stoked to announce a price drop, BOGO deal and new products to look forward to from Jetty to celebrate 7/10 weekend…

Price Reduced on 1g Carts from Jetty

All 1g Jetty Extracts cartridges just went from $50 to $40 on our menu! Jetty’s cartridges feature delicious quality extracts and nifty wooden tips. And now they’re even more affordable, at $10 off the previous price. Shop Now >Jetty Dablicator

Buy One Dablicator, Get One Half Off

All day Friday 7/10 thru Sunday 7/12, while supplies last, you can save big on the handy dandy Dablicator from Jetty Extracts. To top off a joint, add to a pen, or dab, this versatile product delivers precisely measured hits. However you use it, the Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is a better way to enjoy cannabis. And because it’s Jetty, you get the highest quality oil made with real cannabis terpenes. When you buy one of any flavor in stock, you can get half off a second Dablicator!Coming Up Next from Jetty Extracts

Look Out for Unrefined Live Resin Soon

We will be adding even more delightful goodies from Jetty to our menu soon. Their newest development is Unrefined Live Resin. Jetty UNREFINED is single-source 100% live resin, cryoextracted in their lab to capture more of the compounds found in the living plant. Uncut, not distilled, with a full spectrum of natural plant compounds and a powerful entourage high, this is the next level live resin experience. Keep an eye on our menu for it and other exciting concentrate products from Jetty Extracts soon!

Keep those torches lit safely for 7/10 and we hope to see you at Doobie Nights soon.

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