4/20 is Too Great to Celebrate for just One Day…

4/20 is Too Great to Celebrate for just One Day…

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling especially stoked about spring this year, as the days grow longer we see a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is certainly a reason to celebrate! 


So in honor of spring and of course our favorite stoner holiday, April 1st begins our countdown and we’ll be stretching out our 4/20 sessions, specials and celebrations for 20 Days of 4/20! With specials & demos from your favorite brands every day April 1st – 20th, we hope to give you lots of reasons to come see us as we slide into spring. 


And for the grand finale – on 4/20 we’ll tally up, and all our top spenders for the 20 Days of 4/20 will get to take home epic goody bags stuffed with freebies, swag and samples from our brands. The more you spend with us the 20 Days of 4/20, the better stocked your goody bags will be. If you’re one of our lucky top spenders, we’ll send you a text message and you’ll have until the end of April to come swoop up your bag. So make sure when you check in this month that we have your phone number and email address added to your customer account, and that you’re signed up for Doobie Dividends so you’ll get the head’s up when the goody bags are ready to pick up. 


It's 4/20 and we're celebrating for 20 days

While we won’t be able to quite have the packed house and wild dance party we’ve been wishing for this year for 4/20, we hope that spreading out the festivities and the epic deals will give us a chance to serve more customers safely and help you avoid long lines. 


But that doesn’t mean we’ll let the holiday pass by without some fun! Stay tuned for our 4/20 lineup of music, live art, food trucks and more. And everyone who swings by on the 20th will go home with some extra tokens of appreciation from the Doobie Fam and our awesome brands. There will be no empty hands here, no matter when you stop by during our 20 Days of surprises. We’re so grateful to have your support over the last year’s roller coaster ride!


Below is a full list of 20 Days of 4/20 Deals and see our Calendar to learn more about the brands you’ll have a chance to explore each day…


Brand Demo Calendar for 20 Days of 4/20

4/1/21 Legion of Bloom Buy a Legion of Bloom 1g Cart, get a .5 g cart for $1
Humboldt Trees Buy a Humboldt Trees 1/8th, get a pre-roll for $1
4/2/21 Albert Einstone’s Buy any AE product, get a Gelato El Jointo for a penny
4/3/21 Emerald Sky 25% off all Emerald Sky products
Ganja Gold Buy any Ganja Gold product, get a Red Tarantula for a penny
4/4/21 Pacific Reserve Buy 3 Pacific Reserve pre-rolls, get 1 for a penny
4/5/21 Lit House Buy an 1/8th, get a pint glass
Honey Butter Gifts with any Honey Butter Purchase: Canvas Paintings & pins
4/6/21 DIME Buy any DIME cart, get a free battery
Brother David’s Buy any Brother David’s 1/8th, & get a gram for a penny
4/7/21 Phinest Buy an eighth, get a Fatso preroll for a penny. OR buy any concentrate, get one half off.
4/8/21 Jetty Extracts Buy any Jetty product, get another for 50% off
4/9/21 Sweetwater Pharms Buy a 1/4 or 1/8, get a pre-roll
4/10/21 Heavy Hitters 20% off all Heavy Hitters products
Almora Farm 20% off all Almora Farms products
4/11/21 Soma Rosa Farms Buy any Soma Rosa product, get a 1g pre-roll for a penny.
4/12/21 Himalaya Cart BOGO
4/13/21 Hush Buy any Hush Cart, get a free battery
Buy a Cart, get a Cart
4/14/21 Raw Garden Buy 2 .5g carts get a battery, buy a 1g cart get a battery
Gifts with any Raw Garden purchase: Lanyards, Dab Mats
Wyld 25% off all Wyld gummies
4/15/21 Kanha Buy 2 Kanha gummies, get a key lime gummy for a penny
Nano5 15% off
NUG 25% off all NUG Products. And from now until 4/15, anyone who buys any NUG concentrate will be added to a raffle drawing to win a NUG nectar collector kit, drawn and announced at their demo on the 15th.
4/16/21 Pacific Stone 50% off all Carts, Swag w/purchase
4/17/21 Cannacraft Brands 25% all: Farmer and the Felon, AbsoluteXtracts, Loud + Clear, Care by Design, Satori Confections, Hi-fi Hops, & Keef Cola products. 
4/18/21 Elyon Buy an Elyon eighth, get a Feels eighth for a penny
4/19/21 Stiiizy Buy any 1g Stiiizy pod, get a black V1 Battery.
Buy any 2g Stiiizy pod, get a surprise color v1 Battery.
50% off all .5 and 1g Live Resin and Cannabis Derived Terpene pods.
4/20/21 Mendocino Grasslands 25% off all Mendocino Grasslands products
Mychron 25% off all Mychron products
Kushla R.E.A.C.T. Buy a jar of THC R.E.A.C.T. and you’ll get a coupon code for a free jar of Kushla’s CBD R.E.A.C.T. formula!
PAX (Launch Party) We’re now offering PAX pods of several of your favorite brands at Doobie Nights. To celebrate, from 4/17 – 4/20, Buy any PAX pod and get a PAX Era battery for 50% off.
Woodstock Buy any Woodstock pre-roll pack, get another for a penny
Big Pete’s Buy a Big Pete’s cookie 10 pk, get a 10 pk for a penny!
Exir Buy one 4 pack, get another 4 pack for a penny!
Baker’s Buy a 4 pack of Bakers, get a 4 pack of Kosher Kush for a penny!
Lake Grade Buy any 4 pack of Lake Grade Pre-rolls, get an EIGHTH for $1!

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