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20 Days of 4/20 Deals Returns!

20 Days of 4/20 Deals Returns!

For the past two years at Doobie Nights we have spread out our 4/20 deals over the first 20 days of April in attempts to spread out the crowds and maximize the deals. We have decided to continue the tradition, along with a big 4/20 celebration to wrap up our 20 Days of 4/20 Deals that brings everyone together.
Amazing deals from your favorite brands isn’t all you’ll be able to look forward to in April, we’ll also be sprinkling in plenty of FUN – we’re especially excited about another Block Party with Bertha the Airstream from on April 9th. We’ll have Garcia Hand Picked, Jetty, Halara, F.A. Nino’s, Frosty’s, Big Pete’s and lots more local art, music, food & fun activities! No matter what day in April you stop by (and we hope it’s more than a few), you are guaranteed great deals and good times.

Check out our 20 Days of 4/20 Deals Calendar:

20 Days of 420 Deals at Doobie Nights - 2022 Calendar

  • Friday, April 1st:  LEVEL, Emerald Sky
  • Saturday, April 2nd: Sun + Earth Certified Day – Brother David’s, Sol Spirit, Sonoma Hills Farm
  • Sunday, April 3rd: Kikoko, Kingroll, Smokiez
  • Monday, April 4th: Fig Farms, Legion of Bloom
  • Tuesday, April 5th: Albert Einstone’s, Kiva, Seven Leaves
  • Wednesday, April 6th: Ganja Gold, Wyld, Timeless
  • Thursday, April 7th: Hush, LitHouse
  • Friday, April 8th: Cosmic, Himalaya, Mendocino Grasslands
  • Saturday, April 9th: Garcia Hand Picked, Jetty, Halara, F.A. Nino’s, Frosty’s, Big Pete’s – Block Party with Bertha
  • Sunday, April 10th: Packwoods, Soma Rosa
  • Monday, April 11th: Pure Beauty, Raw Garden
  • Tuesday, April 12th: CLSICS, Pacific Stone
  • Wednesday, April 13th: 710 Labs, Jeeter
  • Thursday, April 14th: Almora Farms, Heavy Hitters, Surplus
  • Friday, April 15th: Kanha, Garden Society, Pastry’s
  • Saturday, April 16th: Cannacraft Day (ABX, Care By Design, Hi-fi, Keef Cola, Humboldt Terp Council, Loud + Clear, Farmer and the Felon, Satori)
  • Sunday, April 17th: Alien Labs, STIIIZY
  • Monday, April 18th: DIME Industries, Talking Trees, Space Gem, Have Hash
  • Tuesday, April 19th: Cann, Elyon
  • Wednesday, April 20th: ALL THE BOGO deals, 4/20 Giveaways, and deals from Doobie Nights and Cosmic.


In addition to all these daily specials, we are doing some amazing giveaways during the 20 Days of 4/20 – several brands are donating epic prizes and goody bags, and we’ll be adding photos of those prizes to this post soon. Come in to see how to enter to win, and we’ll announce the winners on 4/20 live on Instagram at our 4/20 Celebration.
Kicking things off on Friday, April 1st we’ll have an extra special Friday 4:20 Happy Hour, with Bonesurf playing some tunes, LEVEL and Emerald Sky deals, and the infamous 4:20 Deal Wheel! There’s so much goodness in store for April, bring it on, spring!

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